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Smile at it {stress} and chin up πŸ˜‡

When the baby cries, Mama shouts at the older ones and smiles to the baby to stop crying. She should shout at the baby to stop crying, but No.

Some factors around us can be adjusted to contain some stressful incidence around us. You mustn’t deep oneslf inside to handle it… Let’s look at the steps below :

β€’ Don’t think of how to solve the stress , think of how to contain it. β€’ It is the stress you can advice someone on how to resolve, so its not bigger than you. β€’ Know that something’s need to be shut down so that you can look the stress with a winning smile. β€’ Contain it. Meaning; own it. β€’ Count one to fifty still thinking on the next step to take. β€’Dont involve the public β€’ If you try harder, it can be better. β€’ Be your best self. β€’ Chin up and smile.

√ You can’t run from it… Fix it😎

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